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… slows down the aging process, acts against natural skin aging

… donates Feuchtigkei and thus contributes to the reduction of wrinkles

… protects the skin and stimulates cell re-forming

… cares for hands and nails, leaves a supple feeling

… supports the elasticity of the skin, acts as a protective shield

… Multi-effect, sufficiently moist, fast feeding of the active ingredients into the skin layers


Well-groomed hands and nails, protection and regeneration of the most stressed skin of humans – who doesn’t want that. The DERMANEO hand cream offers this and in addition it supports the skin in the self-regulation and the maintenance of a healthy acid protective coat.

Are your hands particularly stressed, do you feel a feeling of tension? Then up to three applications per day are sufficient. If you want to keep your hands supple, then one or two applications per day are enough.

The DERMANEO hand cream is designed in such a way that it develops a pleasant moisture when applied and rubbed, but quickly absorbs it shortly afterwards and thus the active ingredients act from the inside without delay. A side effect highly appreciated by our customers – unpopular greasy hands are passé by using derMANEO hand cream.